The Journey of Nature, History, and Beauty Are The 3-In-1 “Package” You Can Find in Biella

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As the title goes, yes Biella has the 3-in-1 package for you. How to start first? Too many to write about, let’s start from the place that attracts me so much in Biella, The Sacred Mountain or the Sanctuary of Oropa. Sanctuary of Oropa (Sacred Mountain) The sacred mountain of…

Meeting and Seminar for Tourism

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Meeting and Seminar at Eupolis Lombardia On a fine summer day in August before holiday, Young Ambassadors again met to attend a seminar held at the Eupolis Lombardia office about Tourism and Explora in order to broaden the knowledge about the field. The YA members have always been fond of…

Young Ambassadors of Expo 2015 Keep Rolling

The print preview of an article on Il Giorno, Saturday Edition, March 22, 2014 Young Ambassadors keep showing its commitment on expressing their actions and words on Expo 2015. Just on March 15, Young Ambassadors participated in the convention “Il Bello e Il Buono” at Seregno, the province of Monza-Brianza, near Milan. The convention involvedContinue reading “Young Ambassadors of Expo 2015 Keep Rolling”

Presentation of Expo 2015’s Young Ambassadors

Hi Guys, kindly check this video presentation about Expo 2015 done in Chinese, Albanese, Portuguese, French, Romanian, and Indonesian language. Maybe it’s hard to understand but we’re inviting you all to come to the Expo 2015 as this event is very important to promote food  and clean water sustainability as there are still more orContinue reading “Presentation of Expo 2015’s Young Ambassadors”