Do Dogs Need Warm Clothes and Suffer from Cold Weather?

Some conservative dog owners and pet experts still think that actually dogs never need warm clothes like sweater or coat during cold weather. They consider that since dogs have their own fur to cover and protect their bodies, warm clothes are unnecessary. I will have to agree and disagree at the same time. How? ToContinue reading “Do Dogs Need Warm Clothes and Suffer from Cold Weather?”

Welcoming Autumn with Superb Italian Food

When the fresher season like autumn has arrived, one of the most important things is to eat good food that can warm ourselves up. In summer, we ate lighter food as the weather is hot. On the other hand, seasons such as autumn and winter are the perfect moments to eat “heavier” stuffs like creamyContinue reading “Welcoming Autumn with Superb Italian Food”

The White Snow Has Come to Italy This Winter!

Italy’s snowing better this Winter. As a real lover of cold weather, I honestly don’t enjoy the heat in Summer. I know it’s actually weird because I was born as an Indonesian, which means I had lived for more than a quarter of century in Indonesia where Summer takes place for the entire year.          Continue reading “The White Snow Has Come to Italy This Winter!”

Lecco – Another Gorgeous Lake in Lombardy, Located at the Other End of Como

The Como Lake has been famous worldwide for its beauty as it has been recognized as one of the most beautiful lakes in the world. However, the area around Como includes another gorgeous lake at the other end, Lecco. It may be a little bit smaller than Como Lake. However the beauty can’t be doubtedContinue reading “Lecco – Another Gorgeous Lake in Lombardy, Located at the Other End of Como”

The Stunning Antiquity of Milan during Autumn

The long history and the long age of Italy are certainly undoubted. Started long before Christ Era, the country keeps great history in it when you explore. One of its big cities is Milan, which is also known as one of the international and multicultural cities in the world Furthermore, it also has its ownContinue reading “The Stunning Antiquity of Milan during Autumn”