Fresh Watermelon to Complete Summer…

During summer, one of the best things to enjoy is to eat fresh tropical fruits available. One of the tastiest and healthiest choices would be watermelon, which is full of water (more than 90% of its composition) and extremely fresh to bite and chew in our mouth. Especially, fresh watermelon that just goes out ofContinue reading “Fresh Watermelon to Complete Summer…”

Italian Fashion City during the Moment Approaching Expo 2015

Today was bright sunny day in Milan, the fashion city of Italy and the world. So I walked by the Cathedral (duomo) area to Cordusio around Via Dante, an area near to the Cathedral of Milan, Duomo Milano, reachable within 5 minutes walk. This via dante is full of big main industries and shops like TIMContinue reading “Italian Fashion City during the Moment Approaching Expo 2015”

The Theme and Sub-Themes of Expo Milan 2015

Theme and Subthemes – Expo Milan Italy In the file I uploaded the paper about the theme and sub-themes that will be discussed during the next Universal Exposition 2015 hosted by Milan, Italy from May 1 to October 31, 2015. Feel free to click the link above and read 🙂    

My Interview at Frontiere News by Stefano Romano

Immigration and Youth Enterprise Non-Profit Association, Expo 2015 Seen from ‘Young Ambassadors ‘ (Translation from Interview in Frontier News by Stefano Romano) Dewi Wihardja is an Indonesian girl who was born in Jakarta on December 25, 1984. She came to Italy in August 2011. Now she lives in Lombardy and studies Public and Corporate CommunicationContinue reading “My Interview at Frontiere News by Stefano Romano”

Universal Expo (Also Known as World’s Fair)

What is Universal Expo? Generally speaking , this is a very huge exhibition called also as World’s Fair and it’s not held every year but only every few years (let’s say every five years). The tradition of Universal Expo was initiated and influenced by the exhibition in Paris in 1844 that brought the theme “FrenchContinue reading “Universal Expo (Also Known as World’s Fair)”