Komodo Island – The Real Fantasy to Experience

This is one of places that I’d like to visit one day. This is the destination where “fiction” becomes reality. Located in Indonesia, The Island of Komodo offers you something that you can’t find anywhere else, the opportunity to witness a real living “dragon”. Yes, you heard me, dragon. Here, they are taken care andContinue reading “Komodo Island – The Real Fantasy to Experience”

Beautiful Lakes to Visit in Lombardy for Springtime

I once said that lakes are magical places to be as they bring peaceful feeling to the soul. And now, as Spring is officially in the air again; to me visiting lakes is always even more magical. In Lombardy Region in Italy, I have several lakes that I’m always eager to visit, again and againContinue reading “Beautiful Lakes to Visit in Lombardy for Springtime”

Duomo Square in Milan

The picture seen in this post is the latest pic I took last Friday at Duomo Square in Milan. It was during one rainy day in Winter. Well, it’s even still rainy until now and it’s predicted to be rainy until Monday morning. This Church square may be the most famous area to visit inContinue reading “Duomo Square in Milan”