My Simple Eating Style to Start Healthy Life

Often it’s hard to start healthy style and healthy habits. Even I admit that in the past, I used to eat more junk food as sometimes people say that the less healthier could be the tastier food. However life is short and to start little responsibility in life also could mean following the right lifestyleContinue reading “My Simple Eating Style to Start Healthy Life”

Indonesian Salad (Gado-Gado)

Salad recipe usually varies from one country to another. The main ingredients are mostly healthy vegetables and sometimes even seafood. The way to prepare the vegetables is also pretty simple, from either just washing the vegetables or boiling them (as some may prefer).           Salad dressing could also vary from one to another. Some recipesContinue reading “Indonesian Salad (Gado-Gado)”

Green Vegetarian Lasagna – Lasagna Verde Vegetale

I once wrote about the other two types of Lasagna earlier, about the Salmon and Spinach plus the original recipe with beef ragu. But it seems, there is another type for the vegetarians and it uses non-meat ingredients specializing in vegetables. If you love lasagna but you don’t want to eat meat, this could beContinue reading “Green Vegetarian Lasagna – Lasagna Verde Vegetale”

Chinese Hot Pot

This is one of my favourite Chinese dishes, the Chinese Hot Pot. Hot Pot is the asian varieties of stew, which is also known as steamboat. This way of cooking can include many types of alimentation including meat, vegetables, and mushrooms. I’d say that this is also healthy as we don’t need to use oilContinue reading “Chinese Hot Pot”