Why You Should Start Consuming Bean Sprouts

Commonly eaten in Asia, bean sprouts are the vegetables that I ate the most when I still lived in Indonesia. I remember I could even eat the whole plate of bean sprouts cooked with salt, corn oil and garlic without adding carbs, mostly only with tofu or mushrooms. However, do you know how healthy thisContinue reading “Why You Should Start Consuming Bean Sprouts”

Expo 2015’s Mascot

As you can see from the pic attached, this is the official mascot of Expo 2015 that will be held in Milan for 6 months from next year. Before deciding the Mascot, Expo 2015 received like 8000 proposals. And finally, the official mascot has been created, which is the Arcimboldo-style face and also eleven fruitContinue reading “Expo 2015’s Mascot”