Understanding Expo 2015 Better and Clearer in the Pavilion of Germany

The first time I went to Expo 2015, it was quite a quick journey from one pavilion to another. I only had few opportunities to visit the countries’ pavilions from 7 p.m. as in the morning and afternoon; I was attending a sustainability conference at this universal exposition. Fortunately, I’ve had other chances to visitContinue reading “Understanding Expo 2015 Better and Clearer in the Pavilion of Germany”

Wandering at Universal Expo 2015

Finally I had the opportunity last Friday to witness the history that Milan is making this year, hosting the universal exposition which participants come from countries around the globe plus international organizations like the United Nations and European Union. The theme brought to the event is the global issue that we are facing now andContinue reading “Wandering at Universal Expo 2015”