Pompeii Ruins: The Prominent Heritage of Ancient Roman Lifestyle

The first time I saw the horrifying scene of Pompeii ruins was in the Singapore National Museum at the end of 2010 when they held an exhibition dedicated to this terrible event that occurred a long time ago. The ruins are part of UNESCO’s world heritage site, located in Pompei Municipality, a city in Naples,Continue reading “Pompeii Ruins: The Prominent Heritage of Ancient Roman Lifestyle”

Why Bruges Is Unskippable If You Come to Europe

I visited Belgium in summer 2018 and managed to make day trips to several cities there. It is a shame that I just have the will to write about them one by one at the moment, after 3 months of pause. Sometimes, even bloggers also have this period when they seem unable to compose goodContinue reading “Why Bruges Is Unskippable If You Come to Europe”

Places in Italy that I Definitely MUST Visit

I have visited many cities and areas in Italy. For example, I have explored all the areas in Lombardy Region. Additionally, I have also visited other significant cities in this beautiful country other than the current city where I live (in the province of Milan) including Pisa, Florence, Rome and Verona. However, as the worldContinue reading “Places in Italy that I Definitely MUST Visit”

Borobudur – A Completely Different World 100% Made in Indonesia

Like Komodo Island, Borobudur is also a to-do-list for those who are going to visit Indonesia. Located in Magelang, Central Java, this majestic Buddhist temple has attracted so many tourists from all over the world to come and enjoy its spectacular architecture and atmosphere around the place. The temple construction dated back in the 9thContinue reading “Borobudur – A Completely Different World 100% Made in Indonesia”

Komodo Island – The Real Fantasy to Experience

This is one of places that I’d like to visit one day. This is the destination where “fiction” becomes reality. Located in Indonesia, The Island of Komodo offers you something that you can’t find anywhere else, the opportunity to witness a real living “dragon”. Yes, you heard me, dragon. Here, they are taken care andContinue reading “Komodo Island – The Real Fantasy to Experience”