Enjoying Sushi and Soba Made by Real Japanese in Milan

In Milan, it’s actually pretty easy to find Japanese food. From restaurants opened by Chinese people to authentic Japanese restaurants that can cost a lot, they are available in many places in the city. Of course, if we want to taste Japanese food made in Japanese restaurants, we’ll have to pay more. Just a coupleContinue reading “Enjoying Sushi and Soba Made by Real Japanese in Milan”

Sushi and some tempura plus dumplings

These are some sushi that I just ate last night in one of the restaurant in the heart of Milan, Italy. From this plate you all can see the healthy Salmon sushi, Tuna Sushi, and Another salmon sushi filled with Avocado plus Tuna sushi with healthy dried seaweed in the middle. Besides, I also tryContinue reading “Sushi and some tempura plus dumplings”