2.3 KM above the ground (Biella Experience at Mountain Camino)

You can see the beautiful cloud and sky from the image. This experience came from my latest trip at Biella, located in the region of Piedmont, in Italy. The top of this amazing view could be seen from at Mountain Camino that is about 2.3 kilometres high above the ground. Surely this was my firstContinue reading “2.3 KM above the ground (Biella Experience at Mountain Camino)”

Chinese – Japanese Gardens (Singapore)

If I before wrote about Singapore Botanic Gardens which gate is opened 19 hours a day, now I’m writing about my another favourite attractions in Singapore (and it’s free too). They are called the Chinese and Japanese Gardens. Not only they are beautiful attractions, they are also very convenient to reach as there’s exactly aContinue reading “Chinese – Japanese Gardens (Singapore)”

Be Smart and Wise on Vacation

Many people consider that holiday can relax the nerves in muscles, tension, and fatigue caused by daily routines. But, when we don’t maintain healthy habits, relaxing and wonderful holiday might be bad for our own health and stamina. It is important to know what should be done or should be avoided in holidays. First, ifContinue reading “Be Smart and Wise on Vacation”