Travelling in Japan

The memory of my second travel to Japan is definitely unforgettable no matter my visit was in November during cold windy days. People usually prefer to come to this country to see its beautiful Sakura blossoming in April when it is sunny and blue. My first two opportunities to go to this lovely country cameContinue reading “Travelling in Japan”

My December 25, 2015 – Another Christmas and Celebration That Went Well

Two days have passed since Christmas 2015. Another year has almost finished and another age was added to my life. During Christmas in the last five years, I have spent four Christmases in Italy, with exception of 2012, when I was visiting my family in Singapore. As I wrote earlier, Christmas in Italy is veryContinue reading “My December 25, 2015 – Another Christmas and Celebration That Went Well”

Panettone with Zuppa Inglese Flavor

Since Christmas is coming, all supermarkets and bakeries in Italy sell Italian Christmas cakes named panettone and pandoro. From the handmade one to the one made in factory with machine, these Christmas cakes are some of the things Italians search the most during Christmas.              Panettone itself has been a famous Christmas tradition not onlyContinue reading “Panettone with Zuppa Inglese Flavor”

Celebrating Easter in Italy

Easter is important holiday in Italy especially for the Christians. On this day, it’s believed that Jesus Christ had resurrected from his death after his crucifixion, which had happened on the third day. In Italy itself, where most people are naturally born as Christian Catholics from the beginning, Easter is nationally celebrated as holiday and timeContinue reading “Celebrating Easter in Italy”

Italian Fashion City during the Moment Approaching Expo 2015

Today was bright sunny day in Milan, the fashion city of Italy and the world. So I walked by the Cathedral (duomo) area to Cordusio around Via Dante, an area near to the Cathedral of Milan, Duomo Milano, reachable within 5 minutes walk. This via dante is full of big main industries and shops like TIMContinue reading “Italian Fashion City during the Moment Approaching Expo 2015”