Borobudur – A Completely Different World 100% Made in Indonesia

Like Komodo Island, Borobudur is also a to-do-list for those who are going to visit Indonesia. Located in Magelang, Central Java, this majestic Buddhist temple has attracted so many tourists from all over the world to come and enjoy its spectacular architecture and atmosphere around the place. The temple construction dated back in the 9thContinue reading “Borobudur – A Completely Different World 100% Made in Indonesia”

Singapore Chinese and Japanese Garden – Far from the Center but Worth to Visit

This tourist attraction I’m about to tell you now is another proof that Singapore is not only all malls and modern skyscraper buildings. Instead, people of Singapore do take care about the beautiful nature in their country. Earlier I wrote about Botanic Gardens and Gardens by the Bay. Now, let me tell you about anotherContinue reading “Singapore Chinese and Japanese Garden – Far from the Center but Worth to Visit”

Japan – A Special Trip in My Heart

            As we are now almost at the end of 2014, I start to remember about one of my memorable trips 5 years ago to Japan in December 2009. The journey was actually a religious trip but of course, at the same time, I also experienced the good holiday in the country of Sushi. JapanContinue reading “Japan – A Special Trip in My Heart”

Bali – The Island of Gods – Pulau Dewata

Who doesn’t know Bali? I think for beach lovers, this is one of the most wanted destinations to visit in life. Located in Indonesia, the Archipelago country, the island is recognized with the nickname “The Island of Gods” or Pulau Dewata in Indonesian word. Or, many people also know it as the romantic tourist destinationContinue reading “Bali – The Island of Gods – Pulau Dewata”