A Taste of Switzerland in the Centre of Vienna

I know that I should have written first about my one-week journey in Vienna. However, let me start with the experience I had at a restaurant in Vienna. It’s not Austrian, it’s not German but it is actually a Swiss one. To me, this was actually the best place I tried during my seven daysContinue reading “A Taste of Switzerland in the Centre of Vienna”

Balcony of Italy with Switzerland View

In the last few days, I keep posting about Lanzo D’Intelvi on my social media pages. However, I notice that I haven’t posted anything about it on my blog to provide detailed information. So, here it comes. I came to this place last Sunday while guiding tourists who stayed in Milan for three days. AfterContinue reading “Balcony of Italy with Switzerland View”

The Discovery of Fresh Tirano to Escape from Summer Heat

Summer in Italy is always as hot as the weather in Indonesia, especially in July and August when sometimes the African heat usually hits Italy for a couple of weeks. The weather in the place where I live for example, the Province of Milan, could reach from more than 30° to even above 35° Celsius.Continue reading “The Discovery of Fresh Tirano to Escape from Summer Heat”