Top Indonesian Street Food You Must Try!

Indonesia is famous for its beautiful islands as it’s recognized as the archipelago country with around 17,000 islands. Not only, it is also famous for its tasty street food that many foreign visitors are highly interested in trying while they are in Indonesia. Can you guess what they are? Let me tell you know 🙂Continue reading “Top Indonesian Street Food You Must Try!”

Gejrot Tofu – Tasty Indonesian Street Food

I’m someone who always enjoys street food and the delicious offer it gives. This is one of my favourites one, Tahu Gejrot or Gejrot Tofu. This food is one of famous Indonesian street food that we can find but even if it is called street food, it can also be found in the menu listContinue reading “Gejrot Tofu – Tasty Indonesian Street Food”

Artigiano di Fiera in Milan (The Exhibition of Craftsman’s production – Handmade)

Every single year in early December, The Exhibition site in Milan, Rho-Fiera, always hosts the worldwide exhibition of the products made by Craftsman or handmade. The event usually takes place for ten days. The variety of products are uncountable; from food, drinks, bags, furniture, home decorations, etc. You can find almost everything here, coming fromContinue reading “Artigiano di Fiera in Milan (The Exhibition of Craftsman’s production – Handmade)”