Call to All Beauty Bloggers Worldwide

Hello fellow Bloggers around the globe, Have you ever written for any Italian brand? Or to be specific, Italian organic beauty brand? I’m writing on behalf of a prestigious and luxurious Italian skin care brand. Today we’d like to give you a unique experience which you can’t say no to. We are Petit Jardin Milano,Continue reading “Call to All Beauty Bloggers Worldwide”

Aloe Vera: Its Use and Benefits for Our Lives

We have seen many products in our lives that use Aloe Vera as one of its main ingredients such as in alimentary products and in beauty industry. There have been many people consuming Aloe Vera or using this amazing plant to protect their health and beauty. And they don’t do it for no reason. ManyContinue reading “Aloe Vera: Its Use and Benefits for Our Lives”

Amazing Natural Oils to Consider for Our Skin

Often, we are lazy to look for the right product in maintaining our look and appearance. Taking the first “convincing” beauty product in the supermarket or beauty store might have been common habit especially for busy women who often have little time to do anything else, which is very understandable. However, do we know thatContinue reading “Amazing Natural Oils to Consider for Our Skin”

Do You Know Why Italians Use Olive Oil All The Time?

Before I came to Italy, I had known that Italians used olive oil to prepare their dishes. In Indonesia, I didn’t use it as I normally cooked with vegetable oil such as palm oil and corn oil. Not only that it’s not Indonesian cooking tradition, olive oil is expensive when it’s sold in Indonesia, especiallyContinue reading “Do You Know Why Italians Use Olive Oil All The Time?”