Welcoming Autumn with Superb Italian Food

When the fresher season like autumn has arrived, one of the most important things is to eat good food that can warm ourselves up. In summer, we ate lighter food as the weather is hot. On the other hand, seasons such as autumn and winter are the perfect moments to eat “heavier” stuffs like creamyContinue reading “Welcoming Autumn with Superb Italian Food”

Risotto Giallo Italiano (Risotto Milanese)

When I first came to Italy, especially in the province of Milan, I directly found Italian yellow rice since this is one of the famous dishes from Milan. They call it Risotto Milanese or Milan rice dish. The color of the rice dish is yellow, that I thought it was possibly made of turmeric, asContinue reading “Risotto Giallo Italiano (Risotto Milanese)”