Places in Italy that I Definitely MUST Visit

I have visited many cities and areas in Italy. For example, I have explored all the areas in Lombardy Region. Additionally, I have also visited other significant cities in this beautiful country other than the current city where I live (in the province of Milan) including Pisa, Florence, Rome and Verona. However, as the worldContinue reading “Places in Italy that I Definitely MUST Visit”

Some Favourite Moments

Some of my memorable favourite spots so far: Pics taken in Lubeck, Berlin, Singapore (Chinese Garden), Louvre Museum (Paris), Sunset in Bali, Varenna, Potsdam (Sanssouci), Rome (Fontana di Trevi), Piazza dei Miracoli (Pisa), Lecco, Vienna and Lake Como (Lombardy)

Learning the National Language is the Basic Key in Every Country as a Foreigner

It’s normal in every country that if you’re not born there, grown up there and maybe you’re a foreign expat or you just move there, you must learn the international languages required. Certainly, the basic language everywhere is English. You can’t survive in other countries with your mother tongue unless by chance, your mother tongueContinue reading “Learning the National Language is the Basic Key in Every Country as a Foreigner”

My Favorite Italian Destinations So Far

I may not have visited all the places in Italy. However, I certainly have some favorites between the destinations in Italy that I have visited. Not only Italy offers so much in history, beauty and nature; the country without doubt has one of the best cuisines in the world. Anyway, I would now tell youContinue reading “My Favorite Italian Destinations So Far”

Enjoying Indonesian Food in Milan…

Being in Milan, often I wondered how I could have the chance to taste Indonesian food in this European city. It could be difficult as the only remaining choice is cooking the food on my own. At least that was how I thought. However, no matter there is no authentic Indonesian restaurant yet in Milan,Continue reading “Enjoying Indonesian Food in Milan…”