The Maestro Did It Again! Wim8ledon Completed!

In the last four years, Roger Federer reached three finals of the most prestigious tennis tournament. I remember how much it broke my heart when he lost the finals against Novak Djokovic in 2014 and 2015. I remember how sad I was when he lost to Milos Raonic at the 2016 semi-final and how heContinue reading “The Maestro Did It Again! Wim8ledon Completed!”

Choosing a Brand Ambassador

Having a Brand Ambassador that represents your company or your organisation for branding is normal. You collaborate with people, usually famous people, so they can improve your public image and reputation. Take as an example, the latest decision of Barilla, who has picked Roger Federer (arguably the greatest tennis player) to become their Global BrandContinue reading “Choosing a Brand Ambassador”

Amazed Again, by a Man Named Federer

This Roger Federer guy never ceases to amaze the people around him, fans or non-fans, it’s hard not to admire this 35 years old tennis legend, husband, father and wonderful human being. Many people, even experts and journalists had written him off for so many times. Many people thought that losing grand slam matches inContinue reading “Amazed Again, by a Man Named Federer”

Trips That I Would Love to Do in the Future

I have been writing about the trips and travel places that I have done so far. However, there are certain places that I am definitely dying to see in my life eventually. They may not be the most beautiful places for holiday and traveling. They may not be exotic and spectacular nature places or historicalContinue reading “Trips That I Would Love to Do in the Future”

Roger Federer, Your Initials Contribute to the Word “PeRFect”

This writing may come a bit out of topic from what I usually write. This is one of my most leisure time activities, Watching Tennis. Talking about tennis, everyone has their own idol, but for me, that idol hasn’t changed for five years (since the first time I liked tennis). That idol was the theContinue reading “Roger Federer, Your Initials Contribute to the Word “PeRFect””