Croquette – Yummy Potato Dish

Often it is very difficult to search recipes to cook everyday either for ourselves or for our family. There are so many recipes available online especially nowadays, with the development of technology. However, we still sometimes feel cooking certain dishes takes time and it is quite hard for people who do not really like spendingContinue reading “Croquette – Yummy Potato Dish”

Potatoes and Tofu Cooked with Indonesian Balado Chili

When people asked me about what I miss from Indonesia as I currently live far from my country, the first thing that comes to my mind after family and friends is Indonesian food. No matter it is not yet as internationally famous as Japanese and Chinese food, Indonesians really have various types of dishes, fromContinue reading “Potatoes and Tofu Cooked with Indonesian Balado Chili”

Croquette with Red Chilli

Croquette is fried food roll made of mashed potatoes and ground or minced meat. The meat could vary and it depends on the taste and preference of the cook and the eater. We can choose beef, chicken, or turkey. This dish is very famous in European countries such as Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Switzerland, etcContinue reading “Croquette with Red Chilli”

Sicilian Spinach Fried Rice Balls and Potatoes with Chili Sauce

This is another tasty food I found from Sicily origin, Arancini, or fried rice balls. I’d even call that as Italian Onigiri (Japanese Rice balls) but the difference is that it’s fried and crispy. The variations can be different from one to another. In this pic, you can see that there’s rice with spinach insideContinue reading “Sicilian Spinach Fried Rice Balls and Potatoes with Chili Sauce”