Poisoned French Bulldogs in Criadero D Kasta Kennel in Ecuador

Yesterday I was shocked, sad, and horribly disgusted by a post of my Facebook friend, which is also the breeder of my yorkie terrier BEI, about a kennel in Ecuador where the dogs were poisoned to death with poisoned sausages thrown into the garden from an unknown outsider on New Year’s Eve (the change fromContinue reading “Poisoned French Bulldogs in Criadero D Kasta Kennel in Ecuador”

The Story of My Yorkshire Terrier BEI

When I first bought BEI, many people asked to me, “how much did you pay for that Yorkie Terrier?” Considering that he’s a guaranteed purebred that I got from one of the famous Italian Yorkie Terrier breeders in Italy, the first thing that came to people’s mind was that I must have spent hundreds ofContinue reading “The Story of My Yorkshire Terrier BEI”

The Love of My Life – BEI

Yes this is one of my most precious treasures, my little Yorkie called BEI. He’s five kilograms, a bit outside the standard of Yorkshire Terrier. The name is abbreviated from Bello E Impossibile, which means Impossibly Beautiful in English. I got him from March 2013 but he was born on April 4, 2012. Needless toContinue reading “The Love of My Life – BEI”