What You Can Write on Your Blog or Article Page

Company or organization blog is often written daily or at least twice a week. I remember when I was still working in a web hosting company, I wrote and published an article or at least a blog daily on the company website so that the web visitors could get benefit and spend quality time fromContinue reading “What You Can Write on Your Blog or Article Page”

How Social Media and Internet Addiction Are Perfectly Okay in almost 2015

I know the title sounds absolutely cheesy but hey, we’re now living in the modern era of technology where lots of things are done online, and I’m pretty sure that the internet stuffs will keep growing in both numbers and interests within the next years. I mean, almost everything are communicated online, informed online andContinue reading “How Social Media and Internet Addiction Are Perfectly Okay in almost 2015”

Facebook’s 10th Anniversary

Yes Facebook just celebrated its 10th anniversary today. I could say that I’m one of those who uses Facebook a lot.  Maybe most of you will be surprised but I use it like at least 5 hours daily, especially from early 2008. Why? I’ll explain further. Many people think that spending your time in FacebookContinue reading “Facebook’s 10th Anniversary”

Universal Expo (Also Known as World’s Fair)

What is Universal Expo? Generally speaking , this is a very huge exhibition called also as World’s Fair and it’s not held every year but only every few years (let’s say every five years). The tradition of Universal Expo was initiated and influenced by the exhibition in Paris in 1844 that brought the theme “FrenchContinue reading “Universal Expo (Also Known as World’s Fair)”