The City of a Hundred Towers Named Pavia

When you look at the title, I think you would ask, “Really one hundred?” – No worry as I also asked myself the same when I heard the nickname for the first time. Ancient Pavia can be reached with an hour train from Milan and it’s located in Lombardy Region, Italy.┬áThis is the city that’sContinue reading “The City of a Hundred Towers Named Pavia”

The Old Mantua – Hidden Beauty in Lombardy, Italy

The gorgeous view above is the old city Mantua located in Lombardy, Italy. Lots of people recognize famous places in Lombardy such as Como Lake and Bellagio for wonderful lakes and possibly Bergamo and Brescia as great old cities in Lombardy. However, this old city Mantua must also be well-known and become one of theContinue reading “The Old Mantua – Hidden Beauty in Lombardy, Italy”

Loving Old City? Come to Brescia!

As Milan has always been one of the most visited cities in Italy, there are actually many other places around it to come for one day visit, which are around an hour journey from the big crowded city. Take as another example the historical Brescia, which is one of the great old cities in LombardyContinue reading “Loving Old City? Come to Brescia!”