Understanding Expo 2015 Better and Clearer in the Pavilion of Germany

The first time I went to Expo 2015, it was quite a quick journey from one pavilion to another. I only had few opportunities to visit the countries’ pavilions from 7 p.m. as in the morning and afternoon; I was attending a sustainability conference at this universal exposition. Fortunately, I’ve had other chances to visitContinue reading “Understanding Expo 2015 Better and Clearer in the Pavilion of Germany”

Oatmeal, Your Best Diet Menu Ever!

Last time  I wrote that oatmeal was one of my favorite diet menus. Usually I eat this during breakfast and dinner with skimmed yogurt or fresh skimmed milk. By eating oats regularly, actually we are investing in health for long-term future. Now let me tell you why you should include oatmeal on your diet menu.Continue reading “Oatmeal, Your Best Diet Menu Ever!”

Food Loss and Food Waste (Useful Hyperlinks Are Provided)

Exactly last month, on Dec 2, 2014, I attended a very interesting convention held in Milan about food organized by OTALL (Order of Food Technologists of Lombardy and Liguria Region). The convention was talking about the facts regarding food loss and food waste happening around the globe that are caused during the processes and alsoContinue reading “Food Loss and Food Waste (Useful Hyperlinks Are Provided)”

The Theme and Sub-Themes of Expo Milan 2015

Theme and Subthemes – Expo Milan Italy In the file I uploaded the paper about the theme and sub-themes that will be discussed during the next Universal Exposition 2015 hosted by Milan, Italy from May 1 to October 31, 2015. Feel free to click the link above and read 🙂    

Expo 2015’s Mascot

As you can see from the pic attached, this is the official mascot of Expo 2015 that will be held in Milan for 6 months from next year. Before deciding the Mascot, Expo 2015 received like 8000 proposals. And finally, the official mascot has been created, which is the Arcimboldo-style face and also eleven fruitContinue reading “Expo 2015’s Mascot”