Chinese New Year of Horse from January 31, 2014

Yesterday was the Chinese New Year’s eve, which was the change from the Snake Year to the Horse Year. From today, January 31, the year for Chinese calendar has become the year of horse. People say that Chinese eat a lot of pork and duck. And that’s not wrong at all. For example, for ChineseContinue reading “Chinese New Year of Horse from January 31, 2014”

Happy Chinese New Year of Horse (2014)

Thirty days after the regular new year that comes on January 1, The Chinese people, or all Chinese descents celebrate their Chinese New Year that falls on January 31 in this year of 2014. From January 31, the year of Snake (2013) will be replaced by the year of horse.¬† So I’m going to wishContinue reading “Happy Chinese New Year of Horse (2014)”

Mare Monti (The Mountains and The Sea)

This was the pizza that I ate for my New Year’s dinner. And honestly, it tasted awesome. The pizza was one of the results of my restaurant researches to go for New Year’s dinner. I found this restaurant that is called Stop (in English) and it’s located in Milan area, plus it’s very near toContinue reading “Mare Monti (The Mountains and The Sea)”

My Most Sincere Greetings for New Year 2014

Even if I write it a bit later than I should have, I’d like to greet all my blog visitors and readers a warm greeting of Happy New Year 2014. Thank you so much for the time you all give to take a look and read my pieces of mind¬†that I spill here in thisContinue reading “My Most Sincere Greetings for New Year 2014”