Exploring Important Ingredients in Indonesian Food

Talking about Indonesian food, some characteristics just can’t be missed. First of many, Indonesian food recipes are usually rich of spices as Indonesia is a country where spices are one of the most important values in food preparation and cooking. Indonesia has so many types of spices that make the food taste unique and delicious.Continue reading “Exploring Important Ingredients in Indonesian Food”

Indonesian Yellow Rice (Nasi Kuning – Risotto Giallo Indonesiano) – Turmeric Rice

Indonesia is a country full of tasty and delicious food. As an Asian country, a lot of rice dishes have become some of their best cuisines. Take as an example the  yellow rice, that is usually made for “tumpengan” or in a party to celebrate something. The Indonesian yellow rice, unlike the Italian yellow rice,Continue reading “Indonesian Yellow Rice (Nasi Kuning – Risotto Giallo Indonesiano) – Turmeric Rice”