Delicious Indonesian Rice Dishes You Must Try

In Indonesia, rice is the most important source of carbohydrate. Most Indonesians cannot eat without having white rice as their source of carb. Not only eating normal white rice with side dishes, actually in Indonesia, rice can also be transformed into different cuisines and is not only served as white rice with different side dishes.Continue reading “Delicious Indonesian Rice Dishes You Must Try”

Exploring Important Ingredients in Indonesian Food

Talking about Indonesian food, some characteristics just can’t be missed. First of many, Indonesian food recipes are usually rich of spices as Indonesia is a country where spices are one of the most important values in food preparation and cooking. Indonesia has so many types of spices that make the food taste unique and delicious.Continue reading “Exploring Important Ingredients in Indonesian Food”

Indonesian Fried Rice

Fried rice could be one of the most famous dishes worldwide. Every country has its own variation in cooking their fried rice. The most well-known fried rice recipes might come from China and Indonesia. However, no matter both recipes taste great, there’s one big difference in the ingredients that will tell us what fried riceContinue reading “Indonesian Fried Rice”