Why You Should Start Consuming Bean Sprouts

Commonly eaten in Asia, bean sprouts are the vegetables that I ate the most when I still lived in Indonesia. I remember I could even eat the whole plate of bean sprouts cooked with salt, corn oil and garlic without adding carbs, mostly only with tofu or mushrooms. However, do you know how healthy thisContinue reading “Why You Should Start Consuming Bean Sprouts”

Let’s Eat Shiitake, The World’s Healthiest Mushroom

Recognized also as medicinal mushroom, Shiitake provides its consumers with various health benefits that could improve body stamina by eating it regularly. This mushroom is known to come originally from East Asia like Japan (its name derives from Japanese language), China or Korea. However these days, this magical mushroom is imported by many countries andContinue reading “Let’s Eat Shiitake, The World’s Healthiest Mushroom”

My Simple Eating Style to Start Healthy Life

Often it’s hard to start healthy style and healthy habits. Even I admit that in the past, I used to eat more junk food as sometimes people say that the less healthier could be the tastier food. However life is short and to start little responsibility in life also could mean following the right lifestyleContinue reading “My Simple Eating Style to Start Healthy Life”

Flammkuchen – Flame Cake – Pizza in German Style

           This is one of the German food I tasted when I was in Berlin for Summer holiday. I used to hear that the German had mostly the wurstel or sausage as their favourite food but I found out that was just negative stereotyping. And it’s not true as they also have for example thisContinue reading “Flammkuchen – Flame Cake – Pizza in German Style”

My favourite Healthy Alimentation Cultures and Traditions

As a young ambassador, I’d like to share with you guys that these are my all time favourite healthy alimentary traditions and cultures. From the photo, you can see five types of Asian tea including the Pu-Erh black tea, Cang Wu Liu Bao black tea, white tea, and green tea from China plus green teaContinue reading “My favourite Healthy Alimentation Cultures and Traditions”