Entering the Magic Kingdom of Harry Potter

For those of you who live in Milan or in Lombardy Region (or you are just there) from May to September 2018, this might be your best chance to experience the wizarding world of Harry Potter. Yes, Harry Potter exhibition has come to town and tickets can be booked easily at a very affordable priceContinue reading “Entering the Magic Kingdom of Harry Potter”

Crespi D’Adda – The Historical ‘Company Town’ in the Province of Bergamo, Italy

Having visited Crespi D’Adda in January 2012 during one cold winter day, I was lucky to have the opportunity to come to this historical site that has been declared as a UNESCO’s world heritage since 1995. Located in the province of Bergamo, Lombardy, Italy, it shows a great historical settlement and an amazing example ofContinue reading “Crespi D’Adda – The Historical ‘Company Town’ in the Province of Bergamo, Italy”

Meeting and Seminar for Tourism

Originally posted on Young Ambassadors:
Meeting and Seminar at Eupolis Lombardia On a fine summer day in August before holiday, Young Ambassadors again met to attend a seminar held at the Eupolis Lombardia office about Tourism and Explora in order to broaden the knowledge about the field. The YA members have always been fond of…