The Idea of Not Supporting the Mid-Range Clothing Brands

I often hear about the idea that we’re not supposed to buy certain mid-range clothing brands because they actually exploit workers somewhere and these workers get paid at a very low income (more like slavery). Additionally, I also often hear that by not supporting these brands and not buying them, we’re helping these workers somehowContinue reading “The Idea of Not Supporting the Mid-Range Clothing Brands”

From Big City to the Suburb…

When I arrived in Italy in the beginning, I was not used to the life of calm city where I live now. In Indonesia, I used to live in the metropolitan city of Jakarta, which is also the capital city. Just as comparison, Jakarta is a city with around 10 million inhabitants while the ItalianContinue reading “From Big City to the Suburb…”

Trips That I Would Love to Do in the Future

I have been writing about the trips and travel places that I have done so far. However, there are certain places that I am definitely dying to see in my life eventually. They may not be the most beautiful places for holiday and traveling. They may not be exotic and spectacular nature places or historicalContinue reading “Trips That I Would Love to Do in the Future”

When You Exit Your Comfort Zone, That’s When Your Real Life Begins

I often hear that our lives really begin when we exit our comfort zones. For me that’s really true (well of course the comfort zone for each person is different from one another). For example, in my case, my comfort zone was when I still live with my parents. Yep I’m one big mommy girlContinue reading “When You Exit Your Comfort Zone, That’s When Your Real Life Begins”