Favorite Italian Food? I have them!

As Italy is a country that’s most well-known for its famous dishes especially Pasta and Pizza, there are some Italian food that I really like. I remember even when I returned the last time to Indonesia in September 2014, I missed some Italian food, especially Pasta. Yep, I really love it. I even didn’t know how IContinue reading “Favorite Italian Food? I have them!”

Green Vegetarian Lasagna – Lasagna Verde Vegetale

I once wrote about the other two types of Lasagna earlier, about the Salmon and Spinach plus the original recipe with beef ragu. But it seems, there is another type for the vegetarians and it uses non-meat ingredients specializing in vegetables. If you love lasagna but you don’t want to eat meat, this could beContinue reading “Green Vegetarian Lasagna – Lasagna Verde Vegetale”

Italian Beef Lasagna

Lasagna from Italy has always been one of their most famous pasta dishes very well-known in the world. It’s made of pasta and ragu from beef. I posted earlier about another version with salmon and spinach but the original version is with beef ragu as it’s called beef lasagna. No matter it’s originally Italian fromContinue reading “Italian Beef Lasagna”

Salmon and Spinach Lasagna

This might be a little bit different from the usual Italian Lasagna recipe as normally, the regular Italian Lasagna would use normal ragu made of beef meat. However, in this pic, I’ve got the chance to taste this amazing particular Lasagna in Italy, which is composed of Salmon & Spinach. I know that possibly some ofContinue reading “Salmon and Spinach Lasagna”