The Old Mantua – Hidden Beauty in Lombardy, Italy

The gorgeous view above is the old city Mantua located in Lombardy, Italy. Lots of people recognize famous places in Lombardy such as Como Lake and Bellagio for wonderful lakes and possibly Bergamo and Brescia as great old cities in Lombardy. However, this old city Mantua must also be well-known and become one of theContinue reading “The Old Mantua – Hidden Beauty in Lombardy, Italy”

Lecco – Another Gorgeous Lake in Lombardy, Located at the Other End of Como

The Como Lake has been famous worldwide for its beauty as it has been recognized as one of the most beautiful lakes in the world. However, the area around Como includes another gorgeous lake at the other end, Lecco. It may be a little bit smaller than Como Lake. However the beauty can’t be doubtedContinue reading “Lecco – Another Gorgeous Lake in Lombardy, Located at the Other End of Como”

Blueberry Cheesecake

Oh yeah, cheesecake,  creamy and some people may say that it’s heavy for digestion but not for me as I love it. Above in the photo is the blueberry cheesecake I once ate at a restaurant in Como Lake, Lombardy, Italy. I had it as the dessert after dinner and I was glad that IContinue reading “Blueberry Cheesecake”

Singapore Botanic Gardens

Singapore may be the city country that I love to visit most. And whenever I go there, this is the place that I’ll never get bored to visit, Singapore Botanic Gardens. Not only that it’s very beautiful and amazingly big, these gardens offer you a fresh journey for people who love flowers and plants forContinue reading “Singapore Botanic Gardens”