Yokan: Japanese Delight Perfect for Any Occasion

I said few months ago that I would write a separate post about this Japanese dessert that is usually consumed during summertime, the Mizu-Yokan, made with more water than the usual one. I know it has been few months and I’ve been so lazy in writing blog posts. But hey, it is always better lateContinue reading “Yokan: Japanese Delight Perfect for Any Occasion”

Top Japanese Food You Shouldn’t Skip While Travelling in Japan

Like I promised in the previous post, here’s a separated post about awesome Japanese food to eat while you are in the Sakura country. Japan, in my opinion, is the heaven for food. I always consider it as the Asian version of world class culinary with elegance, cleanliness, fantastic food design and irresistible taste. AndContinue reading “Top Japanese Food You Shouldn’t Skip While Travelling in Japan”

Travelling in Japan

The memory of my second travel to Japan is definitely unforgettable no matter my visit was in November during cold windy days. People usually prefer to come to this country to see its beautiful Sakura blossoming in April when it is sunny and blue. My first two opportunities to go to this lovely country cameContinue reading “Travelling in Japan”

Visiting Fuori Salone on the Last Day of Milan Design Week 2015

Believe it or not, I had never come to any of Milan Design Week events before yesterday, no matter I have been living in Italy for almost four years. Either it is the original Salone Del Mobile at Rho Fiera Milano (that will be the site of Expo 2015 too) or Fuori Salone (the otherContinue reading “Visiting Fuori Salone on the Last Day of Milan Design Week 2015”

Japan – A Special Trip in My Heart

            As we are now almost at the end of 2014, I start to remember about one of my memorable trips 5 years ago to Japan in December 2009. The journey was actually a religious trip but of course, at the same time, I also experienced the good holiday in the country of Sushi. JapanContinue reading “Japan – A Special Trip in My Heart”