Pizza Quattro Formaggi – The Best Pizza Choice for Cheese Lovers

For people who love eating cheese, this pizza might be the best to pick. Not only filled with one or two types of Italian cheese, it uses four types in its ingredients. As you can see, its name Quattro Formaggi literally means four cheese types in English. The cheese that the recipe uses include ItalianContinue reading “Pizza Quattro Formaggi – The Best Pizza Choice for Cheese Lovers”

Flammkuchen – Flame Cake – Pizza in German Style

           This is one of the German food I tasted when I was in Berlin for Summer holiday. I used to hear that the German had mostly the wurstel or sausage as their favourite food but I found out that was just negative stereotyping. And it’s not true as they also have for example thisContinue reading “Flammkuchen – Flame Cake – Pizza in German Style”