How to Develop Good Story in Storytelling?

Without doubt, storytelling is a very effective strategy especially these days in communication and marketing of any industry. Brands, organizations and even individual professionals or famous people use storytelling to persuade more people. When people say that statistics, data and reports are important to convince people, storytelling isn’t less important than those. Some people mayContinue reading “How to Develop Good Story in Storytelling?”

How Social Media and Internet Addiction Are Perfectly Okay in almost 2015

I know the title sounds absolutely cheesy but hey, we’re now living in the modern era of technology where lots of things are done online, and I’m pretty sure that the internet stuffs will keep growing in both numbers and interests within the next years. I mean, almost everything are communicated online, informed online andContinue reading “How Social Media and Internet Addiction Are Perfectly Okay in almost 2015”

Get an Eco-Friendly Web-Hosting Solution With Green Hosting

In today’s modern and technologically advanced world, it’s normal to use computer and internet. Certainly, web-hosting is not a new term for us. We know that it is the service needed to host the websites in the internet. Even we surely use it for our own websites. However, with web-hosting technologies development, what do weContinue reading “Get an Eco-Friendly Web-Hosting Solution With Green Hosting”