Why You Should Start Consuming Bean Sprouts

Commonly eaten in Asia, bean sprouts are the vegetables that I ate the most when I still lived in Indonesia. I remember I could even eat the whole plate of bean sprouts cooked with salt, corn oil and garlic without adding carbs, mostly only with tofu or mushrooms. However, do you know how healthy thisContinue reading “Why You Should Start Consuming Bean Sprouts”

Enjoying Indonesian Food in Milan…

Being in Milan, often I wondered how I could have the chance to taste Indonesian food in this European city. It could be difficult as the only remaining choice is cooking the food on my own. At least that was how I thought. However, no matter there is no authentic Indonesian restaurant yet in Milan,Continue reading “Enjoying Indonesian Food in Milan…”

Starting Early to Eat Healthy Food from Young Age Makes Difference

I grew up in Indonesia, a country where agriculture is the main source of food production and where there are actually various traditional healthy food to consume, from healthy and fresh green vegetables that contain a lot of vitamins and minerals to diverse alimentary supplies made of soy, like tempeh and tofu. However, living inContinue reading “Starting Early to Eat Healthy Food from Young Age Makes Difference”

Curious about Dragon Fruit or Pitaya? Here Are Some Healthy Facts…

When I returned back to my hometown in Indonesia, I always ate the fruits that I can no longer consume in the place where I live currently. These fruits include mango, avocado, papaya and some other tropical fruits. Among the tropical fruits, there is one special fruit that I also used to consume regularly whenContinue reading “Curious about Dragon Fruit or Pitaya? Here Are Some Healthy Facts…”