Komodo Island – The Real Fantasy to Experience

This is one of places that I’d like to visit one day. This is the destination where “fiction” becomes reality. Located in Indonesia, The Island of Komodo offers you something that you can’t find anywhere else, the opportunity to witness a real living “dragon”. Yes, you heard me, dragon. Here, they are taken care andContinue reading “Komodo Island – The Real Fantasy to Experience”

Potatoes and Tofu Cooked with Indonesian Balado Chili

When people asked me about what I miss from Indonesia as I currently live far from my country, the first thing that comes to my mind after family and friends is Indonesian food. No matter it is not yet as internationally famous as Japanese and Chinese food, Indonesians really have various types of dishes, fromContinue reading “Potatoes and Tofu Cooked with Indonesian Balado Chili”

How to Mix Italian and Indonesian Taste in One Dish

In Italy, my friend gave me a recipe on how to mix the feel of Italian food and Indonesian food in one dish. Many people might say that it ruins the origins of both food. However, if we think with open-minded thought about this, I think it’s kind of fun experiment that has made aContinue reading “How to Mix Italian and Indonesian Taste in One Dish”

From Big City to the Suburb…

When I arrived in Italy in the beginning, I was not used to the life of calm city where I live now. In Indonesia, I used to live in the metropolitan city of Jakarta, which is also the capital city. Just as comparison, Jakarta is a city with around 10 million inhabitants while the ItalianContinue reading “From Big City to the Suburb…”

Participating in Letters for “Sis” or “Bro”

Few months ago, I was given an opportunity by a non-profit organization named Youth’s Act for Indonesia to participate in the initiative named Surat untuk Adik or Letters for “Bro” / “Sis”. The idea was to communicate and become pen pal with younger kids in rural areas in Indonesia to share and exchange stories andContinue reading “Participating in Letters for “Sis” or “Bro””