Why Bruges Is Unskippable If You Come to Europe

I visited Belgium in summer 2018 and managed to make day trips to several cities there. It is a shame that I just have the will to write about them one by one at the moment, after 3 months of pause. Sometimes, even bloggers also have this period when they seem unable to compose goodContinue reading “Why Bruges Is Unskippable If You Come to Europe”

Amazed Again, by a Man Named Federer

This Roger Federer guy never ceases to amaze the people around him, fans or non-fans, it’s hard not to admire this 35 years old tennis legend, husband, father and wonderful human being. Many people, even experts and journalists had written him off for so many times. Many people thought that losing grand slam matches inContinue reading “Amazed Again, by a Man Named Federer”

Travelling to Prague

During summer 2016, once again I chose to visit one of the most beautiful European cities, Prague. It was not the first city in Czech Republic that I visited. Usually they say that the first is always the most impressive, mostly. But I guess, to say that we visit Czech Republic, it should mean thatContinue reading “Travelling to Prague”

Lubeck – The City of “Wonderland”

The Hanseatic City of Lubeck might be one of the most impressive cities of Germany. When I first arrived at this historical city, I directly understood why the city has been listed as the world heritage of UNESCO. My first impression while I was walking along its streets and looking at its buildings was thatContinue reading “Lubeck – The City of “Wonderland””

Three Most Famous Things about Italy

Living in Italy, there are some stuffs that I consider have made the country become so famous in the world. After having been here for four years (by next month), there are things that I can never deny about the standard “Made in Italy”. I notice three things so far. Fashion and Design Milan, theContinue reading “Three Most Famous Things about Italy”