Benefiting from a Magic Tea: Hibiscus (Roselle)

The plant named Roselle or also known with the name Hibiscus comes from West Africa. The flowers of the plant have the colour of reddish purple and they usually take half year to be mature. This dried sheaths later can be made into a tea product recognised as Rosella tea. In addition to its originalContinue reading “Benefiting from a Magic Tea: Hibiscus (Roselle)”


Last time I told you about the other magic drink I brought from Indonesia, Sambiloto. Now I will give another secret to you about another drink of “miracle” from Indonesia that is known as The God’s Crown or The Crown of God, which is widely recognized in Indonesian language as Mahkota Dewa. For you whoContinue reading “THE HEALING WONDERS OF THE GOD’S CROWN”

Get Ready to Meet Magical Indonesian Herbal Drink, Sambiloto

I still remember what my classmate told me when she informed me about this drink, “The color looks like sewer water after you boil it and the taste will kill your expression for a while”. But, after having scared me, she told me not to worry as I’d also feel the magical benefits after drinkingContinue reading “Get Ready to Meet Magical Indonesian Herbal Drink, Sambiloto”

Health Benefits of Mangosteen Tea (Made of Mangosteen Peel)

When I returned back to Indonesia just few months ago, my mom informed me about this new “trend” that’s hot in there these days and healthy to consume, the Mangosteen Tea. This is a very natural herbal tea or drink that is made of the peel of mangosteen.  According to research, it has been foundContinue reading “Health Benefits of Mangosteen Tea (Made of Mangosteen Peel)”