An Apple a Day Keeps Doctor Away?

We keep hearing this phrase over and over again. In this case, the phrase simply expresses how healthy the apples are. By eating an apple daily, we’re guaranteed to receive a lot of health benefits that will reduce the possibility of us getting ill or going to doctor to cure diseases. Apples are included inContinue reading “An Apple a Day Keeps Doctor Away?”

List of Food We Should Never Give to Our Dogs

For fellow dog lovers, it’s clear that the thing we always want to do the most is spoiling our fur babies. Often, we would even give whatever they want, like food. Yes, food! Our dogs have all their cuteness shown at maximum level in order to get what we’re eating at anytime, our table food.Continue reading “List of Food We Should Never Give to Our Dogs”

My favourite Healthy Alimentation Cultures and Traditions

As a young ambassador, I’d like to share with you guys that these are my all time favourite healthy alimentary traditions and cultures. From the photo, you can see five types of Asian tea including the Pu-Erh black tea, Cang Wu Liu Bao black tea, white tea, and green tea from China plus green teaContinue reading “My favourite Healthy Alimentation Cultures and Traditions”

Calabrian Chili

For those fancying spicy food, you’d want to try this Chili type from South Italy, Calabria. Calabrian chili is famous as the spiciest chili you could ever find in Italy. Some people doubt about the healthy fact of eating Chili. However, as long as it’s taken in a proper amount or as long as youContinue reading “Calabrian Chili”