Starting Early to Eat Healthy Food from Young Age Makes Difference

I grew up in Indonesia, a country where agriculture is the main source of food production and where there are actually various traditional healthy food to consume, from healthy and fresh green vegetables that contain a lot of vitamins and minerals to diverse alimentary supplies made of soy, like tempeh and tofu. However, living inContinue reading “Starting Early to Eat Healthy Food from Young Age Makes Difference”

Oatmeal, Your Best Diet Menu Ever!

Last timeĀ  I wrote that oatmeal was one of my favorite diet menus. Usually I eat this during breakfast and dinner with skimmed yogurt or fresh skimmed milk. By eating oats regularly, actually we are investing in health for long-term future. Now let me tell you why you should include oatmeal on your diet menu.Continue reading “Oatmeal, Your Best Diet Menu Ever!”

Here Are Why You Should Drink Green Tea (Especially Japanese One)

Regarding the best tea worldwide, in my mind, nothing can compete with the Chinese and Japanese. According to my experiences, Chinese make the best black tea (Pu-Erh) and white tea while the Japanese are natural experts in producing their green tea. Today, I want to focus on the green tea and share with you whyContinue reading “Here Are Why You Should Drink Green Tea (Especially Japanese One)”