Fresh Lemon for Your Healthy Lifestyle

As the warm weather is coming like Spring and Summer (later), having fresh fruit for drink is the best feeling you can give to your body and throat. As an example, we can consume fresh lemon. It’s one of the fruits that not only make you  feel fresh but also make you stay healthy. Usually, lemonContinue reading “Fresh Lemon for Your Healthy Lifestyle”

Avocado Juice for Your Health

In Indonesia, we have this delicious drink (juice) made of avocado and added with chocolate. It’s usually served fresh and cold, which is perfect for the tropical weather in Indonesia. Not only tasty and delicious, avocado actually also gives us some health benefits in addition to its delicious taste. For example, avocado contains high levelContinue reading “Avocado Juice for Your Health”

Amazing Benefits of Cheese, The Tastiest Healthy Food

Diary products are always important for my diet menu; from milk, yogurt and yes, cheese! From since I was still living in Indonesia, both milk and yogurt have been crucial for my breakfast and even my dinner. I would love to have eaten cheese regularly too. However, the cheese types in my country are notContinue reading “Amazing Benefits of Cheese, The Tastiest Healthy Food”

Let’s Eat Shiitake, The World’s Healthiest Mushroom

Recognized also as medicinal mushroom, Shiitake provides its consumers with various health benefits that could improve body stamina by eating it regularly. This mushroom is known to come originally from East Asia like Japan (its name derives from Japanese language), China or Korea. However these days, this magical mushroom is imported by many countries andContinue reading “Let’s Eat Shiitake, The World’s Healthiest Mushroom”


Last time I told you about the other magic drink I brought from Indonesia, Sambiloto. Now I will give another secret to you about another drink of “miracle” from Indonesia that is known as The God’s Crown or The Crown of God, which is widely recognized in Indonesian language as Mahkota Dewa. For you whoContinue reading “THE HEALING WONDERS OF THE GOD’S CROWN”