Haw Par Villa – More than just a Simple Tiger Balm Garden

When people hear about this theme park, the first thing coming to their mind might be “Tiger Balm” (the magical balm for Chinese people) because the owners of the theme park are the owners of Tiger Balm Company, Mr. Aw Boon Haw and Mr. Aw Boon Par (who are brothers). In fact, the name HawContinue reading “Haw Par Villa – More than just a Simple Tiger Balm Garden”

“Must Visit” Places When You Come to Singapore

Many people consider Singapore as only a city country where you can do a lot of shopping and nothing else. People think that visiting Singapore can be finished in three days. Well sure, if you want to do a military camp from 6 a.m. to midnight without relaxing and enjoying calmly, it can be finishedContinue reading ““Must Visit” Places When You Come to Singapore”

Chinese – Japanese Gardens (Singapore)

If I before wrote about Singapore Botanic Gardens which gate is opened 19 hours a day, now I’m writing about my another favourite attractions in Singapore (and it’s free too). They are called the Chinese and Japanese Gardens. Not only they are beautiful attractions, they are also very convenient to reach as there’s exactly aContinue reading “Chinese – Japanese Gardens (Singapore)”

Singapore Botanic Gardens

Singapore may be the city country that I love to visit most. And whenever I go there, this is the place that I’ll never get bored to visit, Singapore Botanic Gardens. Not only that it’s very beautiful and amazingly big, these gardens offer you a fresh journey for people who love flowers and plants forContinue reading “Singapore Botanic Gardens”

The Beautiful and Modern Singapore

Yes, Singapore is clearly one of my favourite trips as huge part of my family live there. In this very modern and secure city country, you can visit the famous Sentosa Island, Universal Studio,  Singapore Botanic Garden (free and amazingly big), Singapore zoo, Changi beach (less crowded but very beautiful and blue), Chinese + JapaneseContinue reading “The Beautiful and Modern Singapore”