An Apple a Day Keeps Doctor Away?

We keep hearing this phrase over and over again. In this case, the phrase simply expresses how healthy the apples are. By eating an apple daily, we’re guaranteed to receive a lot of health benefits that will reduce the possibility of us getting ill or going to doctor to cure diseases. Apples are included inContinue reading “An Apple a Day Keeps Doctor Away?”

Curious about Dragon Fruit or Pitaya? Here Are Some Healthy Facts…

When I returned back to my hometown in Indonesia, I always ate the fruits that I can no longer consume in the place where I live currently. These fruits include mango, avocado, papaya and some other tropical fruits. Among the tropical fruits, there is one special fruit that I also used to consume regularly whenContinue reading “Curious about Dragon Fruit or Pitaya? Here Are Some Healthy Facts…”

Avocado Juice for Your Health

In Indonesia, we have this delicious drink (juice) made of avocado and added with chocolate. It’s usually served fresh and cold, which is perfect for the tropical weather in Indonesia. Not only tasty and delicious, avocado actually also gives us some health benefits in addition to its delicious taste. For example, avocado contains high levelContinue reading “Avocado Juice for Your Health”

Oatmeal, Your Best Diet Menu Ever!

Last time  I wrote that oatmeal was one of my favorite diet menus. Usually I eat this during breakfast and dinner with skimmed yogurt or fresh skimmed milk. By eating oats regularly, actually we are investing in health for long-term future. Now let me tell you why you should include oatmeal on your diet menu.Continue reading “Oatmeal, Your Best Diet Menu Ever!”