How Often to Bath a Yorkie Terrier

As maybe some of you have noticed, I have a yorkie terrier that I adopted in 2013 when he was 11 months old. Before he came into our family, I always tried to gather enough information on how take good care of yorkies. One of the things I learned was how often I should bathContinue reading “How Often to Bath a Yorkie Terrier”

Starting Early to Eat Healthy Food from Young Age Makes Difference

I grew up in Indonesia, a country where agriculture is the main source of food production and where there are actually various traditional healthy food to consume, from healthy and fresh green vegetables that contain a lot of vitamins and minerals to diverse alimentary supplies made of soy, like tempeh and tofu. However, living inContinue reading “Starting Early to Eat Healthy Food from Young Age Makes Difference”

My Big Three O and Christmas 2014

Christmas is really one of the most magical moments around our loved ones like family, relatives and friends. For me Christmas is even more special as it happens that my Birthday is on this day. And in this 2014, I hit the button “Thirty”. For some, it means we’re starting to get older and older.Continue reading “My Big Three O and Christmas 2014”

Happy Christmas to All

On this Christmas Eve, I’d like to simply greet all of you with warm greeting on this joyful holiday. This is the moment where all families, relatives and friends often considered as part of family to gather around at Christmas celebration. I hope you all feel the peace, happiness, and love around your loved ones,Continue reading “Happy Christmas to All”

Dogs’ Rules on Bed

Some people say that number one rule for dogs is, “Never let them on your bed, they are dirty with many viruses and bacteria”. Well, I disagree. I say, as I count him as my baby, no dog on bed doesn’t exist in my head. For me he’s the cutest little thing that I feelContinue reading “Dogs’ Rules on Bed”