Is Having Many Social Media Accounts Enough for Online Marketing?

New social media platforms keep increasing more and more in number. It seems that it will never be enough to have many social media platforms. Simply, we can never have them all as the new ones will be coming continuously. I remember the first social media account I ever had was Friendster, a platform thatContinue reading “Is Having Many Social Media Accounts Enough for Online Marketing?”

Facebook’s 10th Anniversary

Yes Facebook just celebrated its 10th anniversary today. I could say that I’m one of those who uses Facebook a lot.  Maybe most of you will be surprised but I use it like at least 5 hours daily, especially from early 2008. Why? I’ll explain further. Many people think that spending your time in FacebookContinue reading “Facebook’s 10th Anniversary”

New Chinese Young Ambassador

Progressing on our duty as Young Ambassadors, accompanying my duty and all the first Young Ambassadors, here comes another lovely Chinese Student who’s also ready to dedicate her time to spread the messages of Expo 2015, working hand in hand, together with all the other Young Ambassador. Let’s welcome Du Wan Lin 🙂 For furtherContinue reading “New Chinese Young Ambassador”