Yokan: Japanese Delight Perfect for Any Occasion

I said few months ago that I would write a separate post about this Japanese dessert that is usually consumed during summertime, the Mizu-Yokan, made with more water than the usual one. I know it has been few months and I’ve been so lazy in writing blog posts. But hey, it is always better lateContinue reading “Yokan: Japanese Delight Perfect for Any Occasion”

Welcoming Autumn with Superb Italian Food

When the fresher season like autumn has arrived, one of the most important things is to eat good food that can warm ourselves up. In summer, we ate lighter food as the weather is hot. On the other hand, seasons such as autumn and winter are the perfect moments to eat “heavier” stuffs like creamyContinue reading “Welcoming Autumn with Superb Italian Food”

I Dolci Italiani – Sweet Cakes, Cookies, bread, dried bread, etc

It’s not Italian without its Dolci. Dolci means sweet in Italian word (plural). In this term, it means all kinds of sweet desserts or cookies or cakes that Italians could eat after main dishes, in the morning, or at tea times. Trust me, even if you don’t like sweet stuffs, when you try Italian sweetContinue reading “I Dolci Italiani – Sweet Cakes, Cookies, bread, dried bread, etc”