Sustainable Developments as Corporate Social Responsibility

Sustainable developments have been the issue to prioritize in the last twenty years. With the threat of global warming, climate change and growing population, the awareness to find solutions for these issues has grown widely. It has become not only the responsibility of each person as individuals and non-profit organizations but also the responsibility ofContinue reading “Sustainable Developments as Corporate Social Responsibility”

Basic Steps to Deliver Great Marketing Campaigns

In a very competitive world, effective marketing campaigns are always necessary to achieve the results you want. No organization, institution or corporate entity can escape from the importance of marketing campaigns in order to survive and lead the competition. There are many great marketing strategies used by big entities in communicating their ideas to people.Continue reading “Basic Steps to Deliver Great Marketing Campaigns”

Interview with Rossella Sobrero (Founder and President Director of Koinètica)

Few days ago, I, as one of Young Ambassadors of Expo 2015 got the chance and permission to interview one of my Professors in University of Milan, who is also the Founder and President Director of Koinètica, a famous PR, Communication, Consulting, and Event agency that also focuses on CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility). During theContinue reading “Interview with Rossella Sobrero (Founder and President Director of Koinètica)”

Eating Organic Means Eating Italian (Italian’s Phrase)

“Eating organic means eating Italian” – This is the phrase I’ve heard. Well, it’s actually true because in Italy, it’s not uncommon to find organic food products in the market, either in the normal stores or in bigger stores such as supermarkets and hypermarkets. People usually say that Italians care a lot for what theyContinue reading “Eating Organic Means Eating Italian (Italian’s Phrase)”