Posts on Social Media? There Are Dos and Don’ts

In the last decade, we’ve been living in the era of social media. As I mentioned in earlier post, new platforms appear each year that we can’t really keep track on how many they have been as the number keeps changing. With so many social media platforms available, we often question what we should actuallyContinue reading “Posts on Social Media? There Are Dos and Don’ts”

Sustainable Developments as Corporate Social Responsibility

Sustainable developments have been the issue to prioritize in the last twenty years. With the threat of global warming, climate change and growing population, the awareness to find solutions for these issues has grown widely. It has become not only the responsibility of each person as individuals and non-profit organizations but also the responsibility ofContinue reading “Sustainable Developments as Corporate Social Responsibility”

Managing Crisis and How to Communicate It

Sometimes, your company or organization might face crisis that can decrease your reputation in public’s eyes. When the hardship comes, you will want to manage the matter right so that you will not lose your customers, clients and reputation. When you face crisis and there are issues to solve, it’s always important to know whatContinue reading “Managing Crisis and How to Communicate It”

What Another Expert Says about Expo 2015 (Interview with Gianpietro Mazzoleni)

We’re also excited to hear the point of view from Gianpietro Mazzoleni, who’s the Coordinator of Master Degree program in Public and Corporate Communication at Faculty of Political Science in University of Milan about Expo 2015 and Young Ambassadors. Let’s read the opinion from another one of Media and Communication Experts. When did you hearContinue reading “What Another Expert Says about Expo 2015 (Interview with Gianpietro Mazzoleni)”

Interview with Rossella Sobrero (Founder and President Director of Koinètica)

Few days ago, I, as one of Young Ambassadors of Expo 2015 got the chance and permission to interview one of my Professors in University of Milan, who is also the Founder and President Director of Koinètica, a famous PR, Communication, Consulting, and Event agency that also focuses on CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility). During theContinue reading “Interview with Rossella Sobrero (Founder and President Director of Koinètica)”