Brussels: Your European Metropolis

As I mentioned earlier in a previous post, I went to Belgium in summer 2018 and managed to visit four cities: Brussels, Ghent, Bruges and Antwerp. Certainly, I stayed in Brussels and did some day trips to the other three cities. It was really a wonderful week for me as Brussels took a piece ofContinue reading “Brussels: Your European Metropolis”

Panettone with Zuppa Inglese Flavor

Since Christmas is coming, all supermarkets and bakeries in Italy sell Italian Christmas cakes named panettone and pandoro. From the handmade one to the one made in factory with machine, these Christmas cakes are some of the things Italians search the most during Christmas.              Panettone itself has been a famous Christmas tradition not onlyContinue reading “Panettone with Zuppa Inglese Flavor”

Easter Eggs – Happy Easter

Happy Easter everyone, or more specific, Happy belated Easter 😉 During the Easter celebration and tradition, this is one of my favorite traditions, Easter Eggs made of yummy chocolates. The picture below displays two Easter Eggs that I luckily received on Sunday Easter. They’re made of two types, the dark chocolate one or Fondente inContinue reading “Easter Eggs – Happy Easter”

Happy Valentine’s Day

Yes, today on February 14, again we celebrate what people call the day of love, the day for the couples and lovers, or the day when we can show more love to others, Valentine’s day. Many people refer Valentine’s day as the day for couples or lovers. The symbols for Valentine’s Day are often associatedContinue reading “Happy Valentine’s Day”

Chinese Tea and Kazakhstan Chocolate

These are two early Christmas gifts that I received from my foreign friends. They are always my two favourite stuffs: tea leaves and chocolate (well, who doesn’t like chocolate lol). I always enjoy my tea time, especially when the tea comes from Japan or China. From Japan, I always love their healthy green tea leaves,Continue reading “Chinese Tea and Kazakhstan Chocolate”