Happy Chinese New Year of Horse (2014)

Thirty days after the regular new year that comes on January 1, The Chinese people, or all Chinese descents celebrate their Chinese New Year that falls on January 31 in this year of 2014. From January 31, the year of Snake (2013) will be replaced by the year of horse.  So I’m going to wishContinue reading “Happy Chinese New Year of Horse (2014)”

“Shanghai”, One of Many Chinese Spots You Can Find in Milan, Italy

They call the restaurant Shanghai, just like one of the most famous cities in China. The restaurant is located in the centre of Milan, not far from the Duomo Cathedral. This existence of this famous Chinese restaurant where also the Italians and many others including foreigners come, is one of the proofs that Milan canContinue reading ““Shanghai”, One of Many Chinese Spots You Can Find in Milan, Italy”

Bean Thread Noodles with Seafood (Squid, Mussels, and Shrimps)

This picture was taken at one of my friend’s favorite Chinese Restaurants in the centre of Milan, near the Duomo (Cathedral) area which now has been my favorite too. In Italian, they call it spaghetti cinese di soia because they recognize any Chinese types of noodles as spaghetti, vermicelli, and tagliatelle (their own types ofContinue reading “Bean Thread Noodles with Seafood (Squid, Mussels, and Shrimps)”

Chinese – Japanese Gardens (Singapore)

If I before wrote about Singapore Botanic Gardens which gate is opened 19 hours a day, now I’m writing about my another favourite attractions in Singapore (and it’s free too). They are called the Chinese and Japanese Gardens. Not only they are beautiful attractions, they are also very convenient to reach as there’s exactly aContinue reading “Chinese – Japanese Gardens (Singapore)”

New Chinese Young Ambassador

Progressing on our duty as Young Ambassadors, accompanying my duty and all the first Young Ambassadors, here comes another lovely Chinese Student who’s also ready to dedicate her time to spread the messages of Expo 2015, working hand in hand, together with all the other Young Ambassador. Let’s welcome Du Wan Lin 🙂 For furtherContinue reading “New Chinese Young Ambassador”